Amish Bedroom Mirrors

Every bedroom needs a mirror. And so do other rooms in your home. Our Amish Bedroom Mirrors solve this need with style as they are matched to the rest of your bedroom furniture. Amish Bedroom Mirrors

They can hung on a wall in any location, or attached to a dresser or chest. Plain glass or beveled. With trims and moldings or simple frames, we can match you style. And of course, we can offer these Amish bedroom mirrors in any hardwood and any stain choice.

To browse images and details of our Amish Bedroom Mirrors HERE

The image shown here has a mirror attached to and sitting on a dresser. They can be displayed this way, or wall mounted above a dresser or chest or elsewhere.

Amish handcrafted in north America with solid hardwoods and fine furniture finishes. Absolutely no particleboard or MDF is use in any our our Amish bedroom mirrors.

We will ship our furniture and cabinetry blanket wrapped, with inside delivery and setup, to any part of the continental US.

Any of the details in the mirrors shown in the above link can be modified, often at no additional cost. For information on custom Amish bedroom morriors visit our sister site