Amish Bedroom Mule Chests.

Amish bedroom Mule chests today are simply tall dressers. Usually with some deep drawers and possibly a lift lid.Amish bedroom mule chests

Where does the name “mule chest” originate? There are at least three theories that might explain the name. The most likely one explains that slippers, called mules in the 17th and 18th century, were kept in the drawers of the chest.

Another interesting theory points out that a mule is a hybrid breed of horse and mule. A mule chest might have gotten the name by virtue of being a combination of blanket chest and chest of drawers.

The third explanation, the least likely in our opinion, is that “mule” is a slang word for someone who transports prohibited goods. Because some mule chests have hidden compartments inside, the term “mule” was associated with the hiding of valuable items in the chest.

In any case, again, today they are commonly tall dressers.

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Our Chests are Amish handcrafted in north America with solid hardwoods and fine furniture finishes. Absolutely no particleboard or MDF is use in any our our cabinetry.

We ship all of our furniture and cabinetry blanket wrapped, with inside delivery and setup, to any part of the continental US.

Amish Chests can be ordered in practically any American hardwood, in a style or stain to match any decor. This Chests shown above is  displayed in Rustic quarter sawn white oak wood  We offer a very wide selection of hardware choices to complement your room.


Any of the details in the armoires shown in the above link can be modified, often at no additional cost. For information on custom armoires visit our sister site