Amish made gun cabinets are a niche market that we specialize in.

Custom gun cabinet

10′ tall x 8′ wide, 20 long guns, pistols below plus sword display in center

We are shooters our selves, and while not exactly gun nuts, we have the experience to help you safely display all or part of your collection. We can relate to the specifics of your collection and what it takes for fine presentation.

We, like others, offer many long gun cabinets in standard display formats from 3 to 12 guns displayed vertically and 1 to 6 guns horizontally. But more to the point, we will custom design long gun cabinets that may hold as many guns as you wish and in any combination that suits your collection and display space. We have done 30 gun built-in cabinets and custom gun room wall displays for dozens of guns.

Mix and match your gun display with pistols, sword or any other collectible. It may take us a while, back and forth, to get the details worked out, but it will be worth it. Have an unusual space or location for a built-in? With good builders specs our cabinetry is as fine as anyone’s.

Security is always a concern with your firearms. We can not do much about fire, but our solid wood cabinet construction is tough in its own right and we can beef it up even more.
-Concealed steel doors
-Break resistant laminated glass
-Wood clad steel locking bars to secure long guns
-Locking trigger guard mounts for pistols and long guns.
-Door  and drawer locks on every opening.
-Flush inset door to make it harder to access with a pry bar
-Safe room concealed doors and swing out bookcases

Hand gun and pistol displays can be wall mounted or floor standing. Plus pistol displays, swords, and etc  can be incorporated into long gun combination displays.

Browse a few of the images that we offer here online for ideas.
Amish Gun Cabinetry

Building a safe room? This 10′ tall x 13′ wide bookcase unit featured two sing out leaded glass center bookcases for access. We can design a unit to fit your space and need.

custom gun cabinets

10′ tall x 13′ wide swing out center custom display

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