Long Gun Cabinet Security

Every collector wishes that his or her long guns could be more easily or more frequently view-able. Possibly in the family room or in the office or den. Or in the library. Displayed with modest security of locked doors and drawers, and trigger locks, long guns can be enjoyed in easy view.

We like to add a few layers of background security to our cases along with some refined woodworking and trim features to match the quality of your display.

First, no shortcuts on solid case assembly. 3/4″ whole wood case frames, doors and trims. Glued and screwed case assembly. Optional internal, concealed, steel case reinforcements if desired.

Regarding the enhanced security, we first like to use laminated glass for all our standard glass work. Two pieces of glass “glued” together with a thin film of plastic can be cracked as easily as normal glass, but will not shatter and fall out of the cabinet doors. Auto windshields are laminated glass. Our laminated glass can be flat or beveled, or bored for special barrel locks.

To enhance the wood door frames on our casework, we like to use flush inset doors, which, because they are smoothly inset into the case frame, they are not easily pried off the case. Flush inset doors are a bit harder to fit well than simple overlay doors and do cost just a tad more for that reason. But you cannot just rip them off the case with your fingers.

Top and bottom keyed door locks rather than one center lock also help keep the doors from being racked if a corner becomes available. Just a stronger system.

The laminated glass, flush inset doors and double locks are our standards.Wood Clad, Steel Backed, Locking Bars

Inside the case, we offer more security in the form of finished, 2″ x 3/4″ solid wood bars that conceal a 1 inch x 1/8th inch steel bar locked into steel in the case walls that prevent long guns from being removed from the case. One bar will be near the trigger level, and a second near the barrel rest contains guns in the cabinet.

Safe from inquiring fingers or casual handling? For sure. Safe from a smash and grab break in. In all probability, yes. Safe from intrudes with lots of time and tools while you are on vacation? Put your collection in the safe for them.


Here at Amish-Market.com we offer some more standard variations of upright, long gun cabinets. However on our sister site, www,Custom-GunCabinet.com we discuss and show additional custom details and ideas. Either way, from either site, give us a call or email and let us help you get some of your collection into a display to enjoy… safely.