Begin your search for a perfect table with our large selection of Amish made dining tables. Whatever your style, what ever your wood or stain color you will find it here. dining tables

Country, Mission, Shaker, Formal, Rustic, Industrial… we can build it for you.

Any size, any detail, any style. It will not cost you more to have us make it your way.

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-Solid hardwood construction with solid wood tops up to 2 inches thick.
-Heavy hardwood, double geared slides on our tables with leaves for easy single person operation
Fine catalyzed finishes that protect your investment from food, oils water, soaps and many solvents.
-Hand wiped stains.
-Solid tops,or 12″ loose leaves that can store either in the table between the slides or safely in a closet or other space, -or- 18″ “butterfly ” leaves that fold up in place and store below the table top. We have built 7′ tables that had 22-12″ leaves, and could do more if you have the need.
-A very wide choice of legs or under supports. Additionally we have replicated many leg style from picture sent to us by clients and decorators.
-Practically any North American Hardwood species is available. And within each of those, there are commonly many choices or grades of “quality.” Quality is in quotes as many wood grades are now prized for their “defects.” Knots, natural mineral stains, insect marks and holes, wild grain patterns, all that used to be burnt for fuel and shop heat are now utilized for some extremely pretty and unique, one of a kind tables.  These special woods can be used in any of the tables that you will find images of here.

For unusual or custom work give us an email or call at the store in Arthur, IL. We would be glad to talk about your special plans.
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