We offer a wide selection of American hardwoods in our standard offerings.

Red and white oak, soft and hard maples, cherry, hickory, elm and ash are our major North American hardwood species that are available. Most of the time, folks will choose standard, select wood for the clear expected grain pattern, however, within most species are available variations that add grain pattern, color or detail and can add a lot of natural beauty to your furniture choice.

Wood is a natural material and as such grain patterns may vary. Our standard woods are selected for uniformity of color and grain. In standard selections, you can expect fairly straight and uniform grain patterns. The same goes for color. However some wood species have a wider natural variation of color from board to board and from sapwood to heartwood. This can be desirable. Stains are generally used to blend these tones, but in some woods, or design choices, variation is desired. We can talk about this with you along the way.

When we choose “rustic” woods, we get more swirly grain patterns, more tight knots and possibly some open knots filled with epoxy. These can be real highlights and in this case would not be considered a defect. “Sappy” wood selections refer to the increase of boards with the lighter colored sap wood from the outer edges of the tree. Sappy woods will have more light and dark variations across the piece. We even have “wormy” wood available. Do not worry about the worms themselves. They have long left the wood before the tree was cut and any late bloomers succumbed to the heat when the wood was dried. But they did leave their small bore holes, grooves and tracks they made as they ate their way to adulthood. Often those little creatures left unique stains and discolorations at the same time, adding even more “Natural Beauty.” Like live edge tables, these styles are not for every one. But they are all part of God’s handiwork and do make for unique, one of a kind heirlooms.

For a bit of detail on the species and some examples check the selections on the right.