Furniture Glossary

Accent Furniture
Accent furniture is a piece of furniture that is made primarily as a decoration piece.  Some accent furniture can have function but it comes secondarily.

The art of finishing a piece of furniture to create the look of a aged piece.  Antiquing usually done solely with the use of stains and finishes but can be paired with Distressing to give an even more aged look.

The Apron of either a table or chair is the wooden panel that connects the surface of the table or chair to the legs or on circular tables goes around the underside.  Sometimes called a skirt the apron provides some structure.

A tall storage chest for bedrooms that usually has tall doors with either adjustable shelves or a hanging bar behind the doors.  Can sometimes be referred to as a wardrobe.

Bent Back
Chairs that have back that have rungs that are steam bent to create  an arched back for beauty and comfort.

Sideboard used for storage and serving space used in the dining room.  A buffet can be crafted with all doors or all drawers or a combination of both depending on the type of storage needed.

A burl if a variation in wood gran that creates a pattern when it is cut thin.

Butteryfly Table Leaf
A table leaf that has been hunged in the middle and attached to a mechanism to provide easy and efficient storage inside the table itself.  The leaf folds in the middle and then flips to the underside of the table and when the table is closed protects and hides the stored leaf.

Can Light
Lighting that is housed in a cylindrical housing also known as a Canister light.  Can lights tend to require more room in the top housing and require more airspace for heat dispersal in hutches and entertainment centers.  A majority of Amish cabinet craftsmen now use LED puck lights or LED strip lights using less energy space and they produce less heat.

Canopy Bed
A canopy bed is a bedframe that is crafted with tall posts and occasionally a square frame resting high on the posts.  Curtains or cloth is strung from the frame or the posts.  Originally canopy bed were crafted for protection from insects or privacy but now are purely decorative.

A large bedroom cabinet that combines a Wardrobe (Armoire) and a chest of drawer providing drawer storage as well as shelf or hanging storage.

Convertible Crib
A crib that has been crafted to adapt and grow with the child.  When the child is a baby and infant the covertible crib will be assembled with high sides and hi front and back and will accomodate a standard crib mattress.  As the child grows side rails can be exchanged with stndard bed rails to create a standard full size bed or the front crib panel can be replaced with a low slat to create a standard daybed.  Crafted out of solid hardwoods, made in America and tested to meet strict Federal guidelines the convertible crib will easily be treasured throughout your child's life.

Dentil Molding
Dentil moldings are moldinds that are crafted in a row of squares or diamonds giving a "toothy" appearance from which the name dentil moldings originated.

In the decorative arts is the activity of making a piece of furniture or object appear aged and older, giving it a "weathered look," using one of the many methods to produce an appearance of "age" and "wear".  Distressing can range from a simple light tapping to give the furniture a slightly "damaged" look to skipping a circular saw across the complete surface giving a highly used appearance.  Distressing furniture can also be done with tinctures and painted staines to give a worn appearance.

Dovetailing a drawer or a bed slat is the act of creating one section that features one or more tapered projections and the tapers correspond with a notch or recess in the other piece used to connect the two pieces.  This type of joint is known for its resistance to being pulled apart creating a tighter strong union.  All of our Amish crafted furniture uses dovetailed joints in all of the drawers.

A decorative piece signifying the end used mostly on bedposts but occasionally as decorative pieces on chairs or cabinetry.  Finials in Amish crafted furniture range from small round orbs to more eleaborate decorative caps sometimes even with the appearance of a pineapple.

Amish crafted gateleg tables feature a leg that swings out to support a drop leaf.  Amish made gateleg tables are usually thought to provide more supports than a standard drop leaf since the downward pressure extends all the way to the floor.

Geared Slides
A large majority of our Amish crafted single and double pedestal table feature our heavy duty geared slide mechanisms providing smooth one person opening and closing of our pedestal and trestle tables.  When a person pulls on one end of the Amish pedestal table both ends slide open proving space for anywhere from 2 to 14 leaves.

Platform Bed
also known as a cabin bed, is a bed the base of which consists of a raised, level, usually rectangular horizontal solid frame, often with a section consisting of rows of flexible wooden slats or latticed structure meant to support just a mattress.  Sometines Amish crafted with storage drawers below the platform.

Refectory Table
A long narrow table that contains self storing leaves that slide of from the ends of the table.  Not to be confused with a drop leaf table since the refectory tables leaves actually slide into the table ends.

Sleigh Bed
Sleigh beds are made with a high headboard that features either bent panels or sides made with a sweeping scroll side giving the profile an appearance generally associated with the profile of a sleigh.

Sofa Table
A taller narrow table that is usually placed beding the sofa or love seat in the living room. 

Tapered Leg
A leg that narrows down from top to bottom.  Tapered legs can also be crafted as Reverse tapers in some contemporary styles with the thickest section at the bottom and tapering upwards.

Trestle Table
A long narrow table that is supported by two posts and has a stretcher connecting the posts.  The trestle provides a non moving support allowing for the use of geared slides.

Trundle Bed
A low profile bed that is crafted wkith casters that can be rolled or slid under another bed when it is not in use.

the use of a lathe to carve furniture legs.  There are numerous different styles of turning available to choose from and can be used of all types of furniture from cabinetry, chairs, and tables.

A large cabinet used in bedrooms with ample storage.  Usually consists of a large space for adjustable shelves or a hanging bar behind doors.  Sometimes a Wardrobe with also be crafted with drawers providing even more storage.

Wood Slides
Wood slides are used on Legged or Farmhouse tables due to the fact that the legs move with the table ends as the table is opened for leaf placement.  Wood slides provide downward strength to work in conjunction with the leg pressing upwards providing a strong sturday support when closed or open to maximum length.