Shipping & Returns

Furniture Shipping Information

The Illinois Amish Market is proud to offer nationwide shipping on all of our Amish handcrafted custom furniture.  We utilize numerous different shipping options to best get the furniture to you in the exceptional condition that it is crafted in.  All of our furniture is picked up here in our store and is blanket wrapped and then are loaded onto LTL common carriers or with contracted furniture haulers.  We do our best to contract with the most cost efficient and timely hauler without sacrificing furniture safety.  There are two main types of delivery that we offer and we discuss the options with our customers before any decision is made.  The main two types of Amish custom furniture delivery are curbside and white glove delivery.

Curbside Delivery

This is the type of service that competitors will use for their "special pricing." With curbside delivery your furniture will come blanker wrapped and be delivered to your address.  The shipping contractor will contact the customer when it reaches the local terminal and will set up a time to bring your furniture to your house.  It will be the job for you, the customer, to unload the furniture from the truck and take the furniture inside of the house.  Due to the size of some of the larger pieces we recommend you have a couple friends with you to help you get the furniture off of the truck and into your house.  In some cases the truck will have a liftgate to help lower the furniture to the ground but that is not always the case.

After you remove the furniture from the truck and before your furniture hauler leaves we encourage the customer to look over all of the furniture to check for any damage that may have taken place in the hauling process.  If you sign the form stating you receive the furniture and state that there were no issues, we will not be able to return the furniture at our cost.  We will still be able to fix any problems you may have with the furniture but it will be the your responsibility to arrange hauling back to us and then back to them.  If problems are found before signing the drop off manifest, then we wil be able to properly file any insurance claims that are required.

When you inspect the furniture while unloading please note any damage or evidence of mishandling on the shippers copy.    Be sure to document any damage and take digital photos so we can determine the best way to make things perfect for you.  If for any reason the hauler refuses to wait while you inspect the furniture note of the shippers waybill that they refused to wait for inspection.

Inside Delivery (White Glove)

We strongly recommend this method as cost effective, especially for larger pieces. We realize that you may not be able to arrange for help or have the ability to unload the furniture.  If this is the case we can help arrange a shipping contractor that will not only delivery you Amish custom made furniture to you but will also either help you or will have help themselves to carry the furniture into your house.  In some cases this may only be possible at additional costs and in some cases the hauler that we contract will already offer this service at no extra charge.  The contractor will carry the furniture into your house and then remove all packing supplies.

Similar to the curbside delivery we recommend you inspect all Amish furniture for damagwe while the hauler is still at your residence before signing the waybill.  If any flaws or damage is found after the hauler leaves it will be the responsibility of the customer to cover any costs back to us and back to the customer for any repairs needed.

Come visit us in the Illinois Amish Country for pickup:

Lastly we always encourage customers to come visit us in the Illinois Amish country.  We are a brick and mortar store located in Arthur, Il.  When your furniture is completed we always set up all of your pieces in our store to inspect and make sure everything is perfect before we contact you.  If you are located in Illinois or an adjacent state or you just feel like making a road trip and visit our beautiful countryside we would be more than happy tro meet you and help you pick up your Amish furniture.  The only thing we recommend is that you bring plenty of blankets in order to properly wrap all of your pieces for shipment.  If you are not sure how many to bring we will be happy to talk you through how many you will need.